How to remove your Last name from Facebook

Whatever reason you have for hiding/removing your Last name on Facebook I think you should be able to do so if you want it BUT, this is not a straightforward process to do.


I'll describe a trick you can do to achieve this result (at least it works as of 15/01/2017).

*You can click on the links in provided steps not to get lost on the "mbasic" Facebook's version(especially as you'll see the interface in the Tamil language).

  1. Configure your browser of choice to use a proxy from Mumbai
  2. Go to and Log In into your account (you'll probably have to confirm through email or phone that you're the one trying to Log In from India)
  3. Change your Location to Mumbai
  4. Change your Language to "Tamil"
  5. Change your name as desired and submit the form (you might need to confirm by entering your password)
  6. Change your Language and Location back to your preferred one
  7. Remove your proxy configurations and use Facebook as normal

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