Stop the browser asking for your location

Last updated on 14/04/2019

Have you ever got annoyed by those annoying browser prompts when a website wants to use your current location?

Site asking for location


The good news is that these can be disabled completely.  

Nowadays the browsers allow websites accessing user's location through a prompt. The geographic location is obtained using various methods like wifi data, IP and is often highly accurate, which can be a violation of your privacy.  

If you're concerned about it or all you do most of the time is blocking the access, it can be disabled by default so you don't get annoyed anymore.  

As a consequence, websites won't be available to access your location but most of them provide alternative input fields to manually enter the address/postcode(if not, they should) so you're not going to lose much functionality by blocking the access by default.  

Follow the guide for how to disable it in Chrome or Firefox


This feature is available in Chrome’s privacy settings.

  1. Go to your browser settings page chrome://settings
  2. Navigate to Privacy and security (direct link: chrome://settings/privacy ) through Settings -> Advanced navigation
  3. Navigate to Content Settings (direct link: chrome://settings/content )
  4. Navigate to Location (direct link: chrome://settings/content/location )
  5. Finally, disable the Ask before accessing

Disable location access chrome settings page

Here is a video of the process


This feature is available in Firefox’s preferences page.

  1. Go to your browser preferences page about:preferences
  2. Navigate to Location permission
  3. Tick the "Block new requests asking to access your location" checkbox